Written for the amazing Claudia, one of the interspecies goddesses who kindly welcomed me so many years ago, this turned into a post-Quest AU. Adult, explicit.

Five Things Frodo is willing to do with Strider (that he won't do with anyone else)
by Laura Mason


1. Be a hobbit. When he made the decision to remain in Minas Tirith, Frodo realized his life would remain in the public eye. The Big Folk of Aragorn's kingdom are not as openly emotional. They do not laugh, sing and eat like hobbits. But Frodo told himself he would be content, since he'd changed and was no longer like the hobbits of the Shire. But in his suite of rooms, where the furniture fits him and his pipe rests close to the hearth, Frodo Baggins, gentleman hobbit, returns -- with only Aragorn's loving eyes watching.

Frodo does know that the servants who bring the food and clear the room each morning gossip about how amazing it is that the King never gains an ounce.


2. Ride. The big horses of Gondor are not comfortable, but the pony procured for Frodo's use cannot keep up with the King's fine mount. So Frodo rides with Aragorn, held on the front of their special double saddle, encircled by his lover's arms. The people of Minas Tirith are used to the sight now, and no one ruffles Frodo's pride by pointing or smiling despite the joy they feel when seeing their beloved King's proud face so full of love.


3. Cuddle. All four hobbits really hated it when any of the Big Folk who accompanied them during the Quest had to pick them up or carry them. After all, they were mature, world-wise hobbits, not little children. Still, in the darkest hours of the night, Frodo never minds being taken on Aragorn's lap, gently rocked, and held close until the shaking stops and his evil dreams are forgotten.


4. Ride -- all night. Frodo had partners in the Shire, both male and female, but since the Ring came to him, only Aragorn can wake his sensual side. It began with an argument that ended in with them tangled together naked and sated in the scrub of Hollin. (Frodo cherished the bruises on his hips, though it made bathing awkward for weeks.) It continues to this day with passion that broke the ancient royal bed (despite the careful restoration to prepare it for Aragorn's use) and has caused the guards to have special training to avoid any more embarrassing incidents of the door being broken down.

"Harder, Aragorn," Frodo pants, and the big hands holding him flex as Aragorn groans. Frodo tightens his body and writhes, pulling on his own arousal with a tiny, wicked smile. Aragorn growls and the pounding thrusts slam the new, cast-iron bed into the wall, a familiar noise to the few people who work in that wing of the palace. (No matter how many guests are expected, the rooms to either side of Frodo's chamber are never used.)


5. Compromise. When Aragon's heir is born, Frodo hides in his rooms and weeps. But he never stops the King from spending nights with his rightful Queen, and he rips up the anguished letters he writes to Sam when the jealousy eats at him and he only wants to return to the Shire.


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