Written for darling Cyberducks, who shares several of my fandoms and always has something interesting to post about (and makes lovely story suggestions, too). Adult, m/m sex


Five Things Ralph Lanyon never told anyone
by Laura Mason


1. While his mother was having hysterics on the divan, his father silently took his hand and pressed a few pounds into his palm. That was all; they both knew it was the last time they'd see each other. Still, he relived the memory many times while at sea, though not as often as he imagined Odell in his old study.


2. He saw Hazell outside a San Francisco bar late one night, watching as someone knelt in front of his Hollywood boyfriend. Well, being forced to watch by the powerful hand holding the chain around his neck, but that was probably the point. Ralph closed his eyes for the rest of his own blow job, hoping his cap was pulled down far enough to keep him anonymous in the dark alley.


3. Alec was surprisingly inept with his hands. Perhaps he was simply incapable of switching from examination mode to seductive touches. Sometimes Ralph thought about tying Alec's hands just to get them out of the way.


4. Bim cried the one time Ralph fucked him, which is why it never happened again.


5. Laurie thought Ralph injured his hand when he visited Bunny. Alec thought so, too, so he never insisted on an x-ray. But when it's damp and Ralph's hand aches, he remembers slamming it into the brick as he exited the hospital that evening, hating the damned deformed thing almost as much as he hated himself.


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