Mews1945, a classy and sweet lady, requested this Faculty story. I'm happy to oblige even though I can't produce anything as lovely as her stories. Adult


Five Things Casey taught Zeke
by Laura Mason


1. Those movies where a photographer talks the model into gradually removing all their clothes and posing buck naked? Turns out they're a lot more plausible than Zeke thought.


2. When the aliens came, Casey taught all of them about courage, determination and stubbornness. Zeke just wasn't paying attention. He didn't notice Casey's courage until the night the little twerp showed up at his house, pushed his way inside, and started stripping off his clothes. He didn't understand Casey's determination until Zeke tried to push him away and found that Casey just wouldn't let go. As for his obstinancy -- there are no words.

Casey lets Zeke top him sometimes, but no matter what anyone thinks, Zeke's never had any illusions about who's the dominant one.


3. Zeke drove. Casey walked, and so he had shortcuts everywhere. Casey knew which gates were always unlatched, which yards connected, where the train tracks led and where you could stop, drop your bookbag and rest under a tree for a while.

Though Zeke accepts the credit for figuring out that those quiet spots were excellent places to make out.


4. It wasn't like Zeke was illiterate or anything. He was smart, damn smart. If he didn't want to play the fucking game to impress idiot teachers, that was his own business. The library just wasn't his thing until the night Casey dragged him along to find some damn book he needed for a paper. Zeke can't remember the book's title, classification number, or even the class Casey was taking at the time. He can't forget what it felt like to have Casey's warmth pressing him into the shelves, Casey's mouth covering his own and stifling the groans as Casey jerked him off.


5. You say you've "mellowed" and don't think about the reasons. Zeke might have admitted that he was happier with Casey around, and figured that was what made it easier to talk to his mother when she phoned. It wasn't until much later, too late to acknowledge it, that Zeke realized Casey's ability to forgive had kind of rubbed off on him.


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