Obligatory Bath Scene

by Laura Mason

 Methos sighed and relaxed into the very warm water of the spa tub. Interesting hotel. He knew it was a good idea to ask Amanda's advice on finding a place where he could really relax and be decadent. For a change. That whole "impoverished grad student" thing was old, really old. Adam Pierson was going to inherit a great deal of money soon. Then he could live like this every day, instead of sneaking away from everyone he knew to indulge himself.

The only thing better would be having servants around to bring him a cool beverage. To add hot water. Or... Well, it had been years and years since servants -- or slaves, to be accurate -- had provided those services. And he remembered too clearly the times he'd been the servant, carrying hot water, scrubbing his master's flesh. Forced to offer more intimate services as part of the ritual.

Still, a (really old) guy could fantasize, couldn't he? As long as he was in an enormous tub, filled with really hot water. With plenty of steam in the warm air -- he'd left the adjacent steam room door open, and even cranked the heat in the suite. It felt wonderful. And seemed to go very well with imagining a soft body behind him. Or better, still, a muscular one. Might as well really dream the impossible dream. A strong hand softly soaping his body, caressing him. A softly burred voice in his ear...

The door to his suite burst open as he felt the Presence. Fantasies instantly forgotten, Methos grabbed his sword -- which was conveniently next to him, under the bath pillow -- and rose, dripping and threatening as a nude immortal could be. To face something more frightening than the Kurgan...

"Amanda!" Methos' voice managed to convey surprise, annoyance, and resigned acceptance.

"Yes, Methos, who else would know you're staying here this weekend?" Amanda looked his body up and down, then smiled. "Very nice. If I hadn't come for some very important help that only you can provide, I'd join you."

"You're not invited to join me." Methos grumbled as he sank back down, carefully stowing his sword back under the waterproof pillow. "And I don't care why you came, I'm not leaving this suite."

"You won't need to, I brought my laptop and modem -- we can hook them up right here and you can break into the Watcher database for me." Amanda held up the heavy computer case with a hopeful look.

"And why would I do that?"

"Cory's in town, and we're going to ... " Amanda stopped herself. "Let's just say we'd like our privacy for a few days." She set the computer down and smiled at her old friend.

"Whatever you're stealing, I want a piece of it."

"Who said anything about a job? This is personal." Amanda tried her best coy look, but Methos' eyes were still closed.

"That's probably very true, yet you'll still be stealing something with him. If I call off the Watchers so they don't bungle in and destroy your setup, then I want -- 10%. An agent's commission." Methos sighed as he began to soap himself lazily again. "And in the meantime, wait in the other room. I'm busy here."

"Methos, this really can't wait." Amanda faltered even as she said it, noticing how nice Methos' body looked in the steamy room. "Boy, it's really warm in here." She stripped off her jacket, then, seeing that Methos' eyes remained closed as his hands moved over his body, she quickly removed the rest of her clothes.

When he felt the water shift as Amanda sank down, Methos opened his eyes and voiced his protest loudly. "I believe the correct phrase is 'may I share your bath' and the answer is no, so get out." He splashed at her, but Amanda just settled in and sighed.

"This feels wonderful, no wonder you didn't want to get out. Smells nice, too."

"I don't recall inviting you in! And it's freesia bath salts."

"Nice. You're the one making me wait for your assistance. So while I wait, I'm your guest. And as your guest, I get the goodies." Amanda's foot playfully prodded a sensitive portion of his anatomy. "Watch it, or I'll come over there and we'll really share everything."

"Amanda!" He splashed her again, a little harder. Wetting her face and short hair this time.

"Methos! Act your age!" She splashed him back, and for a few minutes the bathroom rang with laughter as they bombarded each other, slapping the surface of the tub with their hands and scooping up handfuls to throw at each other.

They both stopped splashing and froze as they felt another presence enter the suite. Then a sexy voice said "Can't I send you on a simple errand without you goldbricking, Amanda?"

"Cory!" Two voices said it, one guilty and one resigned.

"Actually, it looks like fun. Move over, old man." Cory knocked aside Methos' sword and began to pull off his clothing, but as he was about to hop into the tub next to Amanda, who was already running in more hot water to replace what they'd lost, more presence washed over them and they all heard the suite door slam.

"Doesn't anybody lock the door?" Methos whined as he fetched the sword yet again.

"Amanda! What are you doing in a hotel suite with Cory..." The Highlander's righteous indignation faltered as he saw Amanda in the tub, blushing; Cory poised at the edge, buck naked and only marginally embarrassed; and a very angry-looking Methos standing in the water, brandishing his sword. "M- Adam?"

"MacLeod. Is there some problem?" He sighed and sat back down, wishing he'd gone to another country to pursue some relaxation. As he settled his sword in easy reach, Cory jumped lightly in the tub and water overflowed the sides, making MacLeod jump back a bit toward the door -- where he bumped into Joe Dawson, almost flattening the Watcher.

"Mac, I -- oof!" Dawson's cane whapped MacLeod's shin as he struggled to catch his balance. "Adam? Amanda?" Dawson thought the other man in the tub, who was trying to embrace Amanda as she squirmed away, looked familiar. Cory Raines? He'd been Amanda's lover in the past. But what was Methos doing in the tub with them?

"Joe, you shouldn't have come in here." MacLeod was trying to back him out, but Methos' voice stopped them both.

"Nonsense, MacLeod. The more the merrier. Joseph, come join us. MacLeod was about to fetch the bubbles, I think." Methos' head was back on his pillow and his eyes were closed, but he didn't really look angry. Just resigned.

"I wasn't... What are you talking about?" The Scot looked embarrassed, confused -- and something else was in his face, Dawson thought. Maybe it was just anger about Cory's groping of Amanda. Though truthfully he didn't seem to be noticing that. He was staring at Methos, actually, and it was fairly obvious he was trying very hard to keep his eyes front and center, and equally obvious that they kept drifting down the smooth, pale body of the oldest immortal instead.

"Cory! If you can't behave..." Amanda threatened as she moved closer to Methos again. "Put on some hot water like a good boy."

"Old Adam here probably invented the idea of tub orgies, Mandy, so come off your high horse. Is this just because Macky-boy is here?" Cory made a dive, driving Amanda into Methos' lap. Methos' eyes shot open and he grabbed her, then they all went under the water, creating a little tidal wave of water that shot across the room toward the others. As they bobbed back to the surface, all three laughing, MacLeod suddenly whirled toward the door and Methos rose, awkwardly diving for his sword and simultaneously dropping the others into the water again.

"Mac, your car's getting towed..." Richie Ryan walked into the room, following the buzz, and stopped dead in his tracks. "Wow. Looks like a blast, but isn't the floor kind of wet?" He moved over to the towel rack and tossed down several of the thick cloths in the doorway, trying to protect the carpet. "Joe! I didn't think Watchers got this involved..."

"Richie!" The mortal sputtered, but he didn't leave. He wanted to see what would happen next. Amanda and Cory were laughing so hard they were almost in tears, and even Methos was smirking. MacLeod looked -- well, intrigued would be one word.

"It's okay, Joe." Richie was grinning at his friends. "But if you keep this up, you'll rust. You guys really like it warm, don't you?" He moved toward the steam room, but Methos called to him.

"Don't you dare turn off that steam, Ryan. This is my room, and I like it."

"Fine, fine. Old bones and all, right?"

"Did you call us old, Richie?" Amanda squeaked, then she and Cory rose, holding some dripping fabric between them. Whoosh! Richie was soaked, as was MacLeod. Even Dawson's pant legs were wet now. Amanda and Cory laughed even harder, dropping back into the tub with his leather jacket between them. Methos sighed as he turned the hot spigot on full blast again. Half his tub was now on his uninvited guests and the floor.

"That's it. Might as well join in now, right?" Richie took two steps forward and was in the tub, fully clothed, with a huge splash. He dunked Amanda's pretty head first, then tried for Cory, but being clothed was a definite disadvantage. Cory could grab him by his clothes, but he wasn't too willing to grab anywhere on Cory's naked body. Amanda, now that was a different story. He'd been fantasizing about being in a tub with her for years!

Methos shut the water and climbed out of the tub, leaving it to the children who were playing so happily. Dawson watched him move to grab a hotel robe, then pick up his sword and leave the room. MacLeod followed as automatically as if he were on a string. Joe debated whether it would be more embarrassing to stay here -- where Richie was now being stripped by his tub-sharing friends, with three-way hanky-panky likely to begin at any moment -- or to follow the other men.

Well, at least Methos was finally wearing some clothes, Joe thought as he left the bathroom, carefully closing the door behind him. The main room of the suite was deserted now, but Dawson heard the shower running in the smaller bathroom near the entrance. Methos cleaning up from his much-abused bath, no doubt. Yep, his robe was lying on the floor. But where had MacLeod gone?

Dawson sighed and headed for the door, telling himself that there hadn't been a quickening, so everything would be fine. He thought about chasing the towed car in hopes of catching up to MacLeod and shook his head. This might be a good day to head back to the bar and just relax for a while. Let MacLeod check in with him when Amanda's caper was over and things settled down.

Squeals of laughter drifted out from the master bath, and Joe chuckled to himself. It was worth the headache to follow Mac in here and see that tubful of immortals. And MacLeod's face. If it could only go in a chronicle!

As he passed the bathroom door on his way to the exit, he heard noises within. Voices? Was MacLeod still here? In the bathroom with Methos? Then he heard a moan, and soft murmuring, and Joe Dawson got himself out of Dodge while there was still time.

Some things even the most dedicated Watcher just didn't want to know.

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