The Beyond Universe

It begins with a "what if" question, as do all Alternate Universe stories. What if Frodo had to leave Bag End and make his own way in the world? There are a lot of things to experience beyond the borders of the Shire.

This lovely sketch of Frodo is by Slipperieslope; you can check out
her other art work at her livejournal.

Beyond (104K) - The story that began it all (G rated slash). This story begins in the year Frodo comes of age. After Bilbo's disappearance, Otho Sackville-Baggins comes to Bag End with news.

Combe Stories: Short stories set during the eight years that pass (without comment) in the original story.

Five reasons Frodo believes Estel might return his love (Beyond universe)

Crickhollow Stories: One story (so far) set in the time immediately following the original story.

For something completely different, try Spoiled, an NC-17 het AU of this universe, related to Crickhollow Year Eight.

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