Due South Fiction

Dealings: 187K (PG) An alternate universe retelling of the Due South pilot episode. This story explores the developing friendship between Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser.

Dealing with the Past 169K (NC-17/Slash) The story begun in Dealings continues as women from Fraser and Ray's past come back into their lives.

Laying the Past 23K (NC-17/Slash) A brief epilogue to the Dealings universe.

Cold Plastic: 10K (R, Slash implied) Just a silly snippet, a hazard of taking public transportation in Chicago.

For Benny's Sake: 38K (NC-17/Slash) Ray needs money and there's no honest way to get it. Or to pay it back.

Three Months: 191K (NC-17/Slash) Ray interacts with Fraser's neighbors -- and Fraser -- as they solve a case in this story.

Land That Man! 48K (R, Slash) Frannie leaves a magazine lying around. Ray and Fraser both find it very interesting.

12 South Fulton 39K (G preslash) An investigation into a crime and Ray's past.

Family & Friends 44K (G preslash) AU story where Fraser and Ray meet for the first time under very different circumstances.

Five things Diefenbaker never told Fraser (6K) Just what it sounds like, a list ficlet.

And now for something kinda different:

Street Scenes: 15K (NC-17/gen) A set of three stories (and I hope more to come) in the Due South universe that don't feature our boys -- these are the stories of those Chicagoans who are extras in their exciting lives.

Two Axes list challenge stories:

Private: 23K (G; Slash relationship) Happy thanksgiving. Do holidays depress you? Whether or not they do, this story probably will. A TwoAxes Thanksgiving challenge story.

Benny's Song: 18K (NC-17 slash) Short and all sex, another challenge story from the Two Axes list.

That Taste of Summer 16K (G) Another short TwoAxes challenge piece, a meditation on Chicago summers and love.

Name Days: 22K (PG for lascivious slashy thoughts on the part of a Mountie) Another short story wherein Ray tells Benny about a tradition.

October: 66K (NC-17 Slash): This is a schitzophrenic little story written for a Halloween challenge on TwoAxes. It's flawed but I'm not up for a re-write, so you get the flawed version.

Do Over 43K (NC-17 Slash): A challenge story. What would you do for a second chance?

Wrestling with Demons 13K (NC-17 Slash): A short first-person story written for the TwoAxes Valentine's challenge.

The Way Home 32K (G Slash, 'cause it's about love not sex) The "June is Bustin' Out" challenge meant a story about a jailbreak. I love this lyric so much I want to write five or six more stories about it.

Going with the Tide 19K (PG-slash) The "April Showers" challenge, which required that one or both of the boys get wet in the story.

Stupid 22K (PG-slash) The "May Flowers" lyric wheel, where the story had to mention a flower or flowers.


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