Highlander Fiction

James Eyrson 106K-- (NC-17) My first fanfiction, written for Eng's wonderful Highlander Quill Club writing contest, The Tempering Forge. The story really doesn't fit the contest guidelines, but it happened when I stared at her lovely illustration and thought about a beautiful black horse and a chance meeting between Mac and Methos.

Four for All 25K (NC-17 slash) Duncan, Methos, Joe & Richie ponder friendship thanks to Alexandre Dumas. My own favorite story, probably because I love The Three Musketeers as much as I love Highlander. Also available at the Quill Club with lovely graphics (thanks, Eng!). Because of an index problem, this link takes you straight to the story, so please heed the warnings here.

Falstaff's Folly 39K (R, Slash) Methos wonders if MacLeod has been listening too well over the years. Inspired by the Quill Club's Slashing the Bard contest.

Poisons 88K (R, Slashy) This was my actual entry in the Quill Club's Slashing the Bard contest. Feedback on the story included the remark that it "doesn't actually slash the Bard, does it?" Read at your own risk!

Obligatory Bath Scene 17K (PG-13) If you've seen the Marx Brothers, you'll know where this one is going. A bit of silliness for no good reason; inspired by a bunch of fine bathtub sex stories on the Duncan-Methos list.

By Candlelight 13K (PG-13) A short and sad post-series story.

Voice 30K (NC-17) Violence and slash, please heed the warnings on the story page. An AU story covering the events post-CAH/Rev. 6:8

Involved 216K (NC-17 slash) An AU first meeting of Duncan and Methos, set in Occupied France during World War II.

Necessity 30K (R-rated slash) A remix of a story by Helens (link on the story page). It's not always clear what Methos did and didn't invent.


Lyric Wheel stories: Stories inspired by songs. Check out the Lyric Wheel site for more such stories, or more information on how the Wheel works.

Up The Road 18K (PG for language) The End is the Beginning Wheel, and it's the Joe and Methos show.

A Crooked Line 25K (R slash) The Origins Wheel gave me a chance to not explain where Methos got that leather thong around his neck.

Fall Into Darkness 16K (NC-17 for violence and general nastiness) This story fills in Methos' background as postulated in the Voyagers series.

The Lost 24K (G) A poetry wheel challenge story. Mac, angst, and Methos.

Little Blue 13K (G with slash overtones) Duncan and Methos get (almost) equal time in this angsty wallow.

The Inn at the Bridge 13K (NC-17; slash and very dark themes) Written for the Wheel's Halloween turn, this is a horror story and you should observe all warnings on the story.

The Ruins 13K (Absolutely G, can you believe it?) A Quickening Wheel, and Richie Ryan.

Half Empty 18K (G again, the LW seems to bring it out in me) Methos in Chicago; Methos in a bar; Methos on a boat; Methos in a challenge. Nothing terribly original. The lyric is great, tho.

Two-Eyed Jack 22K (G rated) As "Through a Glass" showed us, the flashbacks in Highlander are usually Duncan's point of view...


Other Challenge stories:

A Trip to the Market 6K (R) An ABC challenge story which was once on the now-defunct Net Cafe's site. Just silly fluff with a slashy bent.

Methos' Dream 19K (G but strange) Jill posed a question on the ROG list about whether Duncan would choose Tessa or Methos. This is my warped answer.

Gone Again 29K (PG-13) Where does Methos go during his periodic disappearances? This is one answer. Another Net Cafe challenge.


Alternate Universe Series:

Voyagers: (NC-17) An incomplete series -- but the individual stories are not cliffhangers, so you can read and find them complete in and of themselves.


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