Hollywood and the TORn Oscar party
Los Angeles, CA
February 28-29, 2004

Just slapping up some images to go with my Live Journal account of my trip to LA. Arrived Saturday to a beautiful day. The sky was even prettier than these photos show. And yeah, this is about the quality of photo you can expect. Most of my photos aren't that good.

After check-in, I walked up to Hollywood Blvd. and geeked out about the Walk of Fame, the Oscar site (the Kodak Theater), and Mann's Chinese Theater (formerly Graumann's).

Yes, I like silent films. If it's not in black and white (or Lord of the Rings), it's not in my DVD collection.

I could go on posting these all day. My sneak peak at the red carpet preparations is below. But you can skip over to the next page for photos of the decor at the TORn party.

From across the street, as I followed the Walk of Fame, this is the entrance to the Kodak.

This is the back of the Highland/Hollywood complex (the Kodak is part of it). They routed pedestrians through here as they set up the red carpet. Which is how I got the sneak peaks below of the inside of the building.

This is the same area as above, but looking out from inside. I had fun imagining walking in, particularly after I got to walk down the staircase to the right, which leads up to the theater entrance. The red carpet TV coverage showed the stars going up the same stair the next afternoon.

And, just because I'm weird, here are the flower arrangements in the lobby, which were still being delivered and put together when I walked past.

Below is a shot of the flowers being hauled up outside the building.

This was my favorite bit of the pedestrian detour, because I figured it was the back way that the really big celebrities would be dragged in (or out). I'm fairly certain the red carpeting in the maintenance hallway wasn't for my benefit.

Shots from the corner of Hollywood and Highland. The next day (Sunday), you couldn't get near this spot -- and not just because security kept everyone off this side of the street. Crowds of movie fans waiting for arrivals were blocking sidewalks where you should have been able to walk.

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