OK, here's the good stuff. The TORn staff did a great job setting up the American Legion Hall as Middle Earth, and kept things running smoothly all night. The food was great; the company was great. And, as I'm sure you know, sweeping all 11 categories RotK was nominated in was absolutely fantastic.

The photo on the left was taken Saturday, just to get some of the beautiful detail on the building. Then, Sunday afternoon, I realized that structure on top was part of the Beacon of Gondor being set up. It looked great at night, but I only got photos during the day.

To the right is the Ringwraith statue they set up in the courtyard. We spent a lot of time out in this area during the party; and that fence is where Claudia and Az stood in the cold, without tickets, and managed to see Alan Lee, Barrie Osborne and Billy Boyd.

Shelob's lair, above, was actually low-hung enough for even short me to get hung up in the webbing. You can't see how great the spider looks -- as I said, not the best photos.


And here are the few sad photos that came out of the Oscar winners when they visited at the party.

Above is the triumphant entrance, waving Oscars overhead. And you can see how far back I was, and how short I am.

Dark and fuzzy, but the shot above right is Dom and Elijah, and the one below, which shows the screen with PJ, was actually taken to show Richard Taylor.

Sorry these aren't better. But there are nicer ones out there, linked at Bag End Inn and elsewhere.

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