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Lord of the Rings

If you want some interspecies loving, try the listing here. Favorite authors of mine: Claudia, Lily Baggins, Baranduin, Trianne.

Baranduin and Trianne organized a writing challenge called Frodo's NY Mathoms (slash division). There are wonderful stories featuring varous pairings (elves, men, hobbits), all Frodo-centric. The slash story written for me by Baranduin, A Sort of Healing, is sweet and incredibly moving, and if you like a smart, feisty Frodo (paired with Eomer!) you should run to read it. Another incredible story (Frodo/Aragorn) is Embers by Azrhiaz.

And Gentle Hobbit and Baranduin organized the Frodo's NY Mathoms (gen division), for those who prefer G-rated hobbitses. Erin wrote me a sweet Gandalf and young Frodo story, and there are lots of other good tales to be enjoyed.

If G-rated hobbit tales are your cuppa, head over to I've found some incredible authors there who write all the Fellowship characters very well, and have a great feel for the hobbit attitude. Baylor's The Care and Feeding of Hobbits is a wonderful Boromir-meets-hobbits tale. Terrific Frodo background in Obelia Medusa's stories. Shirebound's stories are all great, but Return to Rivendell really touched me. Budgielover's Snowball Fight has humor, action and angst. A great missing scenes tale. And Kete is wonderful. Read all her stories and join me in wanting more soon.

If's popups drive you crazy, try Stories of Arda, a new archive for G-rated LotR. A lot of my favorites have posted their tales there, where it's much easier to read them and find new authors to delight in.

If you like exploring the dark side of the LotR trilogy, I highly recommend Aratlithiel's stories. Not for those seeking happy endings, but very powerful. Bronwe athan Harthad and Harthad Uluithiad will really make you think about Frodo's perception of himself after the quest. G-rated but highly angsty.

For anyone new to the fandom, Versaphile's recommendations page is simply incredible. I can't imagine how much work goes into this, but I do enjoy it. Finally, Acer Canadensis is the author who started me in this fandom, and thanks to Aratlithiel I've found the new link to her stories. Cultivation is the one that hooked me, but they're all gems.

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The Faculty

There is actually a treasure trove of fanfic for The Faculty, meaning I'm not the only one who enjoyed watching Elijah Wood get beat up far too much, and then wrote more. Void by WaxJism is the definitive fannon, I think, but I'll send you over to try Vshendria's epic, Borderlines.

Chocolate-Dipped Hobbit's page of Elijah character slash. Plus Versaphile has a multi-fandom recs page where you can find links to some of the best stories in this fandom.

Finally, there's Decoy, Hope's Faculty site.

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Star Trek: Voyager

Morticia writes fantastic Skinner/Krycek stories, which can be found at the Lair. But she's such a good writer that I followed her into Voyager slash (Chakotay/Paris). Also in this fandom, Maisie Rita's Acid Truths is a great gen story. But there's plenty of slash on her page as well, so check it all out. Finally, Ruth Devero writes C/P slash and also Due South F/V slash. Her page is a great place to bookmark and return to again and again.

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Once a Thief

Ellison Wonderland has written my favorite Once a Thief story, "Crime and Punishment," which can be e found at the Once a Thief text archive, another great place to go read. Other favorites: Shadowscast's "Touch" and Sylvia's "Men at Some Time." But really, there's so much to enjoy - just go read.

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Killa's writing and artwork are both exquisite. She writes Star Trek (the original series) and Highlander. Killa's recommendations page is a great resource, too, leading to some of the best authors in these fandoms and others.

I've been remiss in not recommending hafital, who writes tremendously good Highlander fic. Hafital's Neutral Territory is one of my favorite short original Star Trek stories.

First I must recommend Becca, an excellent author (with great proofreaders, too). Becca writes Highlander and Queen of Swords stories. She combines great action-adventure plotting with wonderful characterization and hot sex. Enjoy.

I found Sleeps with Coyotes when she started writing Highlander, but I'll freely admit to being enough of a slashslut to follow her into other fandoms. Her X-Files stories started me in yet another fandom. Read everything.

Zen & Nancy's site hosts one of my favorite authors, Bone, who's a Soup Kitchen guest. Bone's Highlander stories are incredibly addictive, and she's the reason I moved into Due South fandom (even tho she writes Ray K. and I prefer Italian).

The Highlander Quill Club is the place I first discovered fan fiction on the Internet. There are wonderful stories featuring Eng's lovely graphics, links to other sites -- basically, it's always interesting and great if you need a fix. C.M. Decarnin's Highlander (Duncan/Methos) slash is at the Quill Club. If you want more of her writing, as I did, check out the Star Trek (Kirk/Spock) and X-Files (Mulder/Krycek) slash hosted at the Soup Kitchen.

The ROG-L recommendations page has been recently updated and all hail Suze, Kamil and those who helped find the new links. This page is a great resource.

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Due South

If you like Due South, you'll love Manna LaDroit. Her story "The Fan" and its two sequels are simply the best if you're looking for a long, complex and enjoyable read. Her shorter stories are simply a joy.

Another place to visit is the archive. Lots of stories, slash and gen. Authors to check out: Elaine Walker, Ruth Devero, and Mitch Hudson. There's also Due Slash, a slash-only archive. But for all Fraser/Vecchio stories, all the time, visit TwoAxes' own Just the Fics archive.

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Mary Renault Novels

The only place I know of right now to send people is the Live Journal community, maryrenaultfics. Go, join and post and discuss! There is great fic, and more authors would be most welcome.

Also check out Mapmakerfic, where Trueriver and Poicale's stories are archived.

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Miscellaneous Recs

I highly recommend the blog of blogs, Metablog. I've found really interesting journal entries on topics like making time to write, beta-reading, categories of fanfiction, and plot-driven vs. character-driven stories. A great place to spend some time thinking about fandom and writing.

Though I read crossovers with Mulder, I'm only interested in one X-Files pairing, Skinner/Krycek. Warm Thoughts is the S/K archive. I love Josan's stories. And don't forget to check Mort's page for her S/K stuff.

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