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Lord of the Rings

Mostly short stories that I was somehow compelled to write. While I first read Tolkien's books in 1973, I'm a latecomer to the internet & movie fandom. I don't think I've ever jumped into writing in a fandom this quickly.

In November 2002 I was lucky enough to go to New York City to see the Extended Edition FOTR DVD in a movie theater. A gallery of pictures from this incredibly fun day is here.

Oscar weekend in LA, 2004: There's an account of my trip and the TORn Oscar party held 2/29/04 here, and some pictures here.

G-rated stories

The Daring Demons (32K) - A tale of Sam's childhood, hobbity peer pressure, and what trouble tweenie Frodo can find.

Remember (50K) - A post-Quest story set in Minas Tirith, written for the Frodo's NY Mathoms (Gen Division) challenge. Some things should be remembered.

Coming of Age (34K) - A pre-Quest story; Frodo has an adventure and meets some familiar characters.

Rubbing Salt in Wounds (15K) - Post-Quest, Faramir visits the archive in Minas Tirith and overhears Frodo in conversation. A remix story; the link to Holdur's original is on the story page.

Coming About (26K) - Post-Quest, a story about Frodo and Elanor (written for the 2006 Spring Frodo Fic Exchange)

Five things Samwise never told anyone (6K) - Just what it sounds like, a list ficlet.

Five things Gandalf never warned Frodo about (6K) - Another list

Five things Frodo never would have learned if he hadn't gone to live with Bilbo (5K) - And yet another


West (27K) - G-rated angst and shmoop, though of course I still think of it as slash. Isn't everything? Sam finally makes the journey.

The World's Address (12K) - G rated movie-verse quickie, inspired by a lovely video. See the story page for a link. Frodo may know a lot more about the world by the time he reaches Rivendell, but often love makes us ignore what we know to be true.

Unredeemed (6K) - G rated, some Frodo angst set after the quest is ended.

In Dreams (18K) - G rated slash. Sam and Frodo's dreams at three stages in their lives.

Ithilien (5K) - a tiny G rated story, sprung from seeing TTT yet again and wondering if Sam wishes he could take back certain words.

For Love (8K) - G-rated ficlet. Sam explains a plot point for me.


Soft (13K) - G rated. Aragorn learns about hobbits and himself during the journey from Bree to Rivendell.

Beyond and the Combe stories - now on their own page with lovely art by Slipperieslope. Take a look.

As Middle Earth Turns (148K) - NC-17 rated, and please note the warning on the story page. Frodo is abducted -- a response to Lily Baggins' LJ challenge. And a double-drabble in this universe, just for fun: Princess (2K) And the prequel to this story, Courtship (35K) And finally, a sequel to the story, Middle-Earth Continues Turning (230K). OK, I lied about "finally" above: a double-drabble in this universe, The Night of the 25th (4K).

Dreams, Long-Deferred -- and Reality (47K) - PG-13 slash, written for Lily Baggins' birthday. Post-Quest, Aragorn has been ordering his kingdom and neglecting a hobbit.

Site Visit (15K) - R-rated pure silliness.

On the North Downs (102K) - Slash, R-rated, with a high angst warning. An AU where Middle Earth is much like the Old West, and a hobbit has gotten himself into trouble that involves Marshal Strider. And the sequel, Triangle (144K) - Slash, NC-17, and please see the extended list of warnings on the story page before proceeding! The course of true love is not running smoothly for Frodo when a man from the Mark arrives in Bree.

The Baggins Revue (638K) - Slash, NC-17 rated. Angst, oddness, and confusion. Bilbo manages an acting troupe, and adopts young Frodo to play the female roles. The adventure begins when Bilbo grows tired of the audiences in the Shire.

Treasures of Minas Tirith (47K) - Slash, NC-17. Written for the Hobbit Smut Double-Dare challenge, Pippin gets Merry into an uncomfortable situation.

Stained (19K) - Slash, NC-17. Written for the Interspecies Remix Challenge, a reworking of a story by Lily Baggins. Links to the challenge LJ and to Lily's beautiful "No Stain" are on the story page.

Five things Frodo is willing to do with Strider (that he won't do with anyone else) - (6K) Slash, NC-17.

Five things Elijah learned from working with Viggo (6K) My one and only RPS story and I have no place to put it


The Twentieth Day (163K) - PG-13 slash, an AU tale. The first change is that Faramir makes the journey to Imladris.

    And a drabble that's an AU of this AU (confused? me too): Noblesse Oblige

Duty and Memory (8K) - PG-13 slash, a missing scene.

Journey to Ithilien (34K) - NC-17 slash, written for the Frodo's NY Mathoms (slash) challenge. Frodo is seeking a home, post-Quest.

Letters (21K) - PG-13 slash, written for the Frolijah's Spring Cleaning Fic challenge. Post-Quest, Frodo is a twit and Sam's idea of help is rather distressing.

The Apple Peddler (54K) - more PG-13 slash (someday I must write a sweaty F/F!). Set post-Quest, Frodo returns to the Shire and waits to hear from Faramir. And waits...


Hobbit Feet (4K) - NC-17, non-explicit slash. Baranduin started me thinking about the hair on hobbit feet, and this is the result.

Cleansed (36K) - NC-17 slash, post-Quest. Frodo is late again; Eomer is angry.

Claimed (74K) - NC-17 slash, very explicit. A post-Quest meeting in Minas Tirith.

And a silly addendum to the Claimed universe, The Writer of Rohan (5K) PG-13 slash

Even more of the Claimed story, Reclaimed (39K) NC-17 slash

Searchers (373K) - NC-17 slash. Imagine Middle Earth has reached an era similar to the Old West. Then imagine a young hobbit trying to make his way meeting up with a rancher's nephew from the south.

Corsair Cove (81K) - NC-17 slash. Eomer and Frodo pass the long winter evenings reading the next Fosco Teabrand novel.

A King's Blunder (43K) - NC-17 slash. Written for the Live Journal Hobbit Smut community's first line challenge. The day of Theoden's funeral, Eomer attempts to start a conversation with the hobbits.

The Rocky Road (26K) - R-rated slash. Written for the Live Journal Hobbit Smut community's "games hobbits play" challenge. Cultural differences may include rules for a game, or the alcohol content of the local wine. A romp.

Perfect (6K) - NC-17 slash, written at Fellowslash 2004 as part of a writing workshop led by the wonderful Lady Sunrope.


Gift (17K) - NC-17 slash. Frodo went to the shore to be alone, as he's been for so long now.


Normal Hobbits (27K) - NC-17, slash (F/OC) and angst. Please heed all the warnings at the top of this one. Some lessons stay with us all our life.

The Interrogation of Frodo Baggins (20K) R, slash (F/Claudia's OC), mpreg. A short ficlet, just what it sound like. Rangers and misunderstood, pregnant hobbits.

Men of Gondor (20K) - NC-17 for rape. The Two Towers movie-verse; missing scenes from Frodo and Sam's encounter with Faramir. Please heed the warnings!

Spoiled (16K) - NC-17 Het sex; please be warned. Frodo/OFC, just a short PWP really.


Fashions of Gondor (10K) - G rated and silly. Not a proper drabble, but too short to list anywhere else. Mardi Gras 2004 provided way too many images of Elijah Wood in his Bacchus costume.

At Helm's Deep (26K) - NC-17 slash and het content. This is a series of drabbles (with one ficlet) based on a challenge to write an AU with Frodo at the battle of Helm's Deep. So, of course, it's all about sex! There's all kinds of lusting going on, but the pairings getting any action are F/Eomer and F/Eowyn.

Elf-Sense - G rated. Shirebound asked if any elves in Middle Earth had a sense of direction after hearing Legolas say the urks were headed northeast to Isengard. Here's my very silly answer.

Autumn Leaves - R rated, short and sad.