A few years ago, an Italian magazine called L'Uomo Vogue did an incredibly funny-looking series of photos of Elijah Wood. This year, they're back doing the same to Viggo Mortensen. So you can compare, photos of Elijah are from Bag End Inn and photos of Viggo are off Unholynotion's LJ, scans thanks to Nanakomatsu (I think, and apologies if I got the credits wrong).

Note the lovely draperies over his slacks and please note that Elijah has the same. Italian kilts? Some kind of theme?

Dogs seem to be another theme. Little Elijah gets a little (dead?) doggie; Viggo gets a live, big dog but has to feed it in his bathrobe.

Or something.

What have we all learned from this? Not much about fashion, but certainly never to pose for L'Uomo Vogue. It's like appearing in a taped segment for The Daily Show; just back away slowly.