Set before the events of the movie. NC-17, non-con stuff. Nasty. Be warned.

"The Faculty" has a locker room scene where Stan keeps some jocks from beating on Casey. What a nice guy, right? Unless you're twisted like me, and have another interpretation for the looks between the two after the incident. Stan's shower scene follows, and when Stan hears someone enter he calls out "Casey, is that you?"

Nice Guy
by Laura Mason

His head hits the locker, then his body is slammed forward as well.

"Fuck off," he snarls.

Another shove, air knocked out of his lungs and he knows he didn't sound threatening but he just can't shut up. "Get the hell off me."

Roger stays pressed against him, one hand on the back of his head.

"Wanna leave some teeth here, asshole?" The fingers in his hair clench and yank his head back. Casey closes his eyes, but before Roger slams him into the locker Stan's voice calls out.

"Hey Roger. Nice move out there today."

"Stan," and Roger backs off, pushing Casey away. Geek cooties might be infectious, Casey thinks, feeling a little hysterical as he catches his balance, only to be shoved away by another football player. He whirls on the guy but keeps his mouth shut and sits down instead. He tells himself it isn't because of Stan's warning glance.

He probably should be grateful. Stan doesn't have to distract Roger, or Gabe, or any of the other jocks who constantly push Casey around. But Casey doesn't feel grateful, not at all. He sits on the bench, fully clothed, playing with his shoelace while Stan undresses and slaps a few backs on his way into the showers.

The locker room clears out and Casey pulls off his shoes and socks, rises, and follows Stan.

"Get your ass in here, Casey, now." Stan is glaring at him. "Will you ever learn to *think* before you piss someone off?" Stan shoves him down, well away from the spray of water, though the knees of his jeans are soaking wet anyway. No one ever notices, or they assume Casey is still being dunked in toilets and pushed into the showers. Humiliation is part of his life, after all.

But those incidents rarely happen now. Stan's protection, paid for with this particular humiliation, ensures that. Casey opens his mouth as Stan shoves his cock at him. He keeps his teeth covered and tries to listen to Stan's orders as he chokes and, goddammit, cries again.

He's never had sex with a girl. Shit, he's never been kissed passionately in his 16 years on earth. But he's been giving blowjobs for eight months now. You'd think if he is so bad at it Stan would stop demanding it.

"Fuck, Casey, use some tongue." Stan always complains. He told Casey that Delilah gives great head, laughing at Casey's blush. Misinterpreting anger as embarrassment, or so Casey hopes. He doesn't think Stan has noticed how he watches her. Part of Casey doesn't want to believe she puts out for Stan. But even if she does, she doesn't blow him every day, on demand, does she?

Stan thrusts and groans and holds Casey's head in place, despite Casey's lack of skill. Even if Casey doesn't know what to do with his tongue, Stan still shakes and sprays come down his throat. Then Stan abruptly releases him, pushing him backwards. Casey chokes and tries to breathe while Stan hovers over him a minute, his face red and his eyes a little glassy.

"Shit." Stan returns to his shower and Casey gets to his feet, his arms shaking as he pushes himself up. Back into the locker room. Socks, shoes. Books for study hall, for which he is already late. Rinse mouth, dab at jeans with paper towel. The usual.

Stan calls after him as he heads toward the door. "Tomorrow morning, Casey. Before first period."

He rushes into the hall, almost hitting Delilah. "Casey you dork. Watch where you're going." She laughs a little as he stammers an apology. Then Stan is there, his arms going around her though she turns her cheek to his lips.

"Stay away from Roger, geek." Stan calls after him as Casey scuttles away.

"Are you still protecting him?" Delilah laughs, and Casey turns a corner but glances back.

"Ah, I just got tired of seeing him bleed."

"Stan, you're such a softy." She kisses him, and Casey bleeds. "How'd I get such a nice guy?"


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