November 11, 2002

New York, NY

New Line presents The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition


I worked myself into quite a state last year over seeing the Extended Edition in a movie theater, on a big screen. I live in Chicago, but didn't get tickets for that showing. Fortunately, the day of the event I discovered the theater where the showing was being held. I bullied my way into the lobby, then begged my way in to the theater as someone's guest.

That should have been it, but the next week I won a ticket for the NY event where they were showing of 12 hours of the DVD -- many of the documentaries as well as the film. They also promised that anyone in costume would receive a free DVD of the Extended Edition.

I couldn't resist, so I used frequent flyer miles to fly to Laguardia that morning. I then took a cab to the theater while adjusting my wig and gluing on my ears, met some incredibly nice fans and had some wonderful discussions during the breaks, was given my DVD, and spent the night sleeping in a chair at the airport waiting for my 5:30 AM flight back to Chicago, occasionally pulling spirit gum off my ears and feet.

This page is just here for my own enjoyment -- sadly, I don't know any of these people's names. We met, shared a fun time, and parted. But the day was one of the most enjoyable times I've had as an adult, so I like remembering it.


A human, an elf, and two hobbits in line, in the rain, outside the theater.


I'm so embarrassed not to remember any names! I stood in line with this lovely woman, sat with her in the theater, and talked Tolkien with her for hours.

I'm an idiot.



One of the winners of the costume contest, mostly for the feet (in the photo below), which don't show up too well. They were carved from foam rubber and were incredible.

If I heard the story correctly, he'd called in sick to attend. Thus, the camera crews kept trying to interview him and he kept hiding out.



So many costumes were incredible. The contest winners, one elf, one ringwraith, and this hobbit, got the Extended Edition DVD with the bookends.

Yes, I'm jealous.


Yes, even elves eat. Actually, I gave one of my hobbity Zone bars from my hobbity and full of food and water backpack to her earlier, in exchange for some pretzels she didn't like.

The gentleman below flew in from Lansing Michigan to attend. So I'm not the only one who did that!

The VIP's expected in those "reserved" seats never materialized. I think New Line people didn't want to spend 12 hours in a theater. But I did, and I feel so lucky to have been there. We were given free food, great entertainment, and a chance to socialize with other fans. Simply marvelous.

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