A double-drabble in the "As Middle Earth Turns" mpreg universe, just for fun.



"There you are, Hope." Wena pushes the plate back in front of her toddler charge. "Now eat."

Hope smiles up at her before taking her sandwich in both hands and biting hungrily. Wena hides her smile, knowing there are many years to teach her darling half-hobbit girl proper table etiquette.

Right now, a tea party is Hope's favorite rainy day treat. She loves her miniature tea set from Rohan, which once belonged to Eowyn. Of course, the "tea" she pours for them, playing at being the perfect little hostess, is actually apple cider.

She's a sunny child, but there was a bit of fuss today. The new scullery maid forgot Hope doesn't like crusts on her bread. She's always been particular about that.

When Sam visited last Spring he laughed and said you could tell she wasn't a full-blooded hobbit. He claimed hobbit children don't fuss about their food unless there isn't enough. Wena loves Sam, but she knows he wasn't telling the whole truth.

"Wena, you're spoiling her," Aragorn says from the doorway, but only Frodo jumps guiltily, blushing as he looks down at the plate in front of him. The crusts have been removed from his sandwich, too.


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