Mary Renault
novel-based fiction


All stories contain spoilers for the books.

The Charioteer

The Beloved 34K (NC-17 slash) Written for the Live Journal maryrenaultfics community's Wedding Night Challenge. Laurie's mother's been given away, the guests are gone and Ralph comes back to the house for the night, bearing a bottle of champagne.

Riposte, Counter, Disengage 17K (PG slash) A night with Bunny and Bim.

If Pricks Could Talk 21K (NC-17 slash) Bunny Rides Again, and his favorite appendage tells the tale. Very weird, in case that isn't clear by now.

In Hospital 10K (PG slash) Ralph in the hospital, post-Dunkirk.

November 1950 12K (PG slash) A dark AU, answering one of those "what if" questions.

Every Time 9K (G slash) An entry from Ralph's journal.

After 11 K (R slash) Reflections on a rainy afternoon. Post-novel.

1958 41 K (G slash) Eighteen years after the close of the novel, Laurie is at a museum in Paris. And the long-delayed sequels, After-Dinner Drinks 41 K (NC-17 slash and het) and Morning After 23 K (G-rated slash).

The Secret Charioteer 11 K (R slash) Conversations with fellow fans always lead me to write silly, silly things.

Five things Ralph Lanyon never told anyone (4K)

Long Ago and Far Away Part One 207K and Part Two (282K), all rated NC-17 for m/m sex. This is a crossover of The Charioteer and the universe of Ellery Queen's Wrightsville mysteries. Laurie and Ralph, post-war, try to make a life for themselves in a new town.

Snippets - a page of odds and ends written as comments in various discussions on the Mary Renault Fics live journal community.

Sunday Tea - a page of snippets written as part of a prompted, timed writing challenge


The Persian Boy

Under the Cold Stars 14K (PG slash) Hephaistion and Bagoas meet up on the night Alexander marries Roxane.

Hephaistion's Journal: Zadrakarta 24K (NC-17 slash) A night that begins like any other leads Hephaistion to uncomfortable discoveries.

Insignificant 7K (G-rated) Another entry from Hephaistion's journal, a second challenge fic from the LJ maryrenaultfics community.

Five things Alexander learned from Bagoas (5K)


Drabbles (all books)

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Return 11K (NC-17 slash) This odd little piece is a crossover of Mary Renault's The Charioteer with her novel The Persian Boy. Please heed the warnings on the story page.



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