The Faculty


The Ohio Series

Ohio Winter 27K -- Zeke/Casey, NC-17. Secrets intrigue Zeke.

Ohio Summer 31K -- Sequel to Ohio Winter, also NC-17 Zeke/Casey. How they spent their summer vacation...

Ohio Autumn 43K -- Fall 1998 and the events of the movie have just taken place. NC-17 for Zeke/Ms. Burke, Casey/Delilah, and Zeke/Casey content.

Ohio Spring 50K -- Graduation day. NC-17 Zeke/Casey slash.


Stand-Alone Stories

Nice Guy (6K) -- Stan/Casey, NC-17 non-con sex. Stan is a prince. Right?

Gypsy (44K) -- R-rated Zeke/Casey and Zeke/female character. Very heavily "borrowed" from a well-known Broadway show, an AU look at Casey and Zeke, and Casey's momma.

Gather Ye Rosebuds (14K) -- R-rated Zeke/Casey slash. The five of them are inseperable since the aliens.

Five things Casey taught Zeke (5K) - NC-17 Zeke/Casey, a list ficlet




Autumn Leaves




Watching and Waiting 16K (G) A Highlander/The Faculty crossover. Working, 10K (NC-17) acts as an epilogue to the first story. But this universe keeps expanding, so now we have Reunion, 31K (PG-13). More to come.

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