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3/13/07: A couple of challenge snippets on the Renault page, in the new Sunday Tea section. Also, the final segment of the 1958 series, Morning After, is now posted.

2/14/07: Another Charioteer story, Long Ago and Far Away. Post-war, Laurie and Ralph set out to make a life together. This was my National Novel Writing Month project for 2006, so be prepared for a long one.

1/28/07: A few additions to the snippets on the Renault page, and a short sequel to 1958, After-Dinner Drinks.

1/14/07: Some short new stuff. I participated in Yuletide this year, the obscure fandom secret Santa story exchange. I wrote in a not-so-obscure fandom, Gone with the Wind, and the story is called Inconvenient Truths.

And there are some new drabbles and snippets on the Mary Renault page.

10/15/06: A quick update, an addition to one of my LotR alternate universes: Triangle, a sequel to On the North Downs. NC-17, and please read all the warnings on the story page!

9/22/06: Yes, I'm still alive, just not writing much. The proliferation of "5 things" ficlets is because my Live Journal friends very graciously supplied me with ideas. So, new to the web site (but previously seen on LJ):

Due South: Five things Diefenbaker never told Fraser

The Interrogation of Frodo Baggins
Coming About (written for the 2006 Spring Frodo Fic Exchange)
Five things Samwise never told anyone
Five things Gandalf never warned Frodo about
Five things Frodo is willing to do with Strider (that he won't do with anyone else)
Five reasons Frodo believes Estel might return his love (Beyond universe)
Five things Frodo never would have learned if he hadn't gone to live with Bilbo

And related but RPS:
Five things Elijah learned from working with Viggo

The Faculty:
Five things Casey taught Zeke

Mary Renault fiction:
Five things Ralph Lanyon never told anyone (The Charioteer)
Five things Alexander learned from Bagoas (The Persian Boy)


4/20/05: My LotR Interspecies Remix challenge story can now be posted. Stained (NC-17) is based on a story by Lily Baggins, and there's a link to her lovely original on the story page. And some self-indulgent silliness: The Secret Charioteer (R-rated).

4/7/05: A new Renault fic story, based on The Charioteer, 1958. G-rated slash set 18 years after the end of the novel.

3/25/05: Stories from the multi-fandom remix are now available here. Necessity (R slash) is a Highlander story set in that Mac/Methos honeymoon period before "Timeless." Rubbing Salt in Wounds (G) is a post-quest tale in the LotR fandom.

2/15/05: Two short stories, another Hobbit Smut challenge fic, Treasures of Minas Tirith (NC-17) and a short, goofy Faculty story, Gather Ye Rosebuds (R).

1/28/05: A tiny addition, the latest LJ Hobbit Smut community challenge fic: The Night of the 25th, NC-17, a 200-word smutty story

1/21/05: One new LotR alternate universe story, The Baggins Revue. Bilbo is running an acting troupe. Can you guess who is their leading lady? This story is rated NC-17 for sex and violence; please read the warnings on the story page.

12/6/04: Tonight I have a new short story based on Mary Renault's The Persian Boy, Hephaistion's Journal: Zadrakarta. And I'm proud to say I made 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month, though it will be a long time before that story sees the light of day.

11/14/04: A couple of short Renault-universe stories have been added: Every Time, an excerpt from Ralph's journal, and Insignificant, another Hephaistion's Journal Challenge story.

11/9/04: A LotR sequel to one of my stories, Middle Earth Continues Turning (NC-17 F/A slash) please read the warnings on the story page. And a fic based on Mary Renault's The Charioteer, November 1950 (L/R PG slash), please read the warnings on the story page.

9/5/04: A couple of short stories today, both what is termed Crack!Fic. First, in The Faculty fandom, an R-rated AU, Gypsy. Please heed the warnings on the story page! And another story inspired by Renault's The Charioteer, If Pricks Could Talk (NC-17 slash featuring Bunny).

8/23/04: Just one tiny new story, written at the Fellowslash gathering as part of a writing workshop and challenge exercise. Perfect (NC-17 F/E slash).

8/8/04: One short update, a story written for the Live Journal Hobbit Smut community's latest challenge, The Rocky Road (R-rated F/E). Attempted humor in a brief romp of a story.

7/24/04: Have added a few more Renault novel based stories to the site. From The Charioteer, The Beloved (NC-17 R/L slash), a story that takes place the night Ralph spends in Laurie's family home. And Riposte, Counter, Disengage (PG), wherein Bim runs into Bunny at the pub one evening. And one more, from The Persian Boy, Under the Cold Stars (PG H/B slash), a meeting of enemies on the night Alexander marries.

7/4/04: Happy Independence Day! Today we have a new LotR story, The Apple Peddler, PG-rated F/F slash. And on what used to be the Crossover page and is now "Misc & Crossovers," some new stories based on Mary Renault's novels The Charioteer (In Hospital) and a crossover with The Persian Boy (Return).

6/26/04: A new Highlander story from the latest spin of the Lyric Wheel: Two-Eyed Jack, G-rated. From the hobbit smut community at Live Journal, a challenge story: A King's Blunder (NC-17 Frodo/Eomer).

5/23/04: A short LotR story in the "Searchers" AU, Corsair Cove (NC-17 slash). Eomer hears some of the latest Fosco Teabrand novel on a winter's night. Oh, and I almost forgot, another Due South F/V story, Stupid (PG-13 slash) written for the TwoAxes May Flowers lyric wheel.

4/25/04: A Due South story that's been up on my LJ for a few days now, Family & Friends (G-rated). And two new LotR stories, Letters (PG-13 slash, F/?) and On the North Downs (R, F/A) which were both submissions to the wonderful Baranduin's Frolijah's Spring Cleaning fics challenge. Check out the link to the page for some wonderful stories (I particularly love Lily's True Heart of Rohan).

4/4/04: Catching up on some snips and such. First off, proof that Italian fashion magazines are odd (LotR related silliness). Then, some short fics. First up is Coming of Age (G-rated), a hobbit adventure. In case that wasn't out of character enough, next we have het, Spoiled (NC-17, F/OFC). In the way of silliness, a very bad Mary Sue, Site Visit (R-rated). Finally, another installment in the Highlander/The Faculty crossover series, Reunion (PG-13 for violence).

3/20/04: I'm posting this one on the Crossovers page because I have no place for it. A fanfic for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday (NC-17 Sean Sullivan/OMC and het sex, Sean/Grace). Why did Sean suddenly return after three years?

3/9/04: One new LotR story for you, Gift (NC-17 F/B). Occasionally I misread things, then get them stuck in my head.

2/27/04: LotR updates: What may be the oddest AU ever, Searchers (NC-17 F/E). Hold onto your ten-gallon hat and come along for the ride. And a bit of nonsense inspired by many photos of Elijah Wood as Bacchus, Fashions of Gondor (G slashy silliness).

2/1/04: Some short ficlets in the Beyond universe (LotR): Combe Year Two: Fever, set six weeks following the original Year Two story, and Combe: Year Seven. If you'd like to see the whole Beyond universe at a glance, it's now on it's own page here, with art by Slipperieslope.

1/28/04: Happy birthday to Lily Baggins. Dreams, Long-Deferred -- and Reality was written as a gift for her (PG-13 F/man slash; see the other warnings on the story page).

1/4/04: A new Highlander story, Up The Road. PG-rated (for language), a Joe and Methos tale written for the newest spin of the Lyric Wheel, The End is the Beginning. Also, two LotR stories from the Frodo's NY Mathoms writing challenge: Journey to Ithilien (NC-17 F/F) and Remember (G-rated, Frodo-centric). There's also a stand-alone LotR post-quest story, Cleansed (NC-17 F/E). And I've added some new Recs on that page, where you can also find the links to the other NY Mathoms.

12/7/03: A Frodo/Eomer story in the Claimed universe, Reclaimed (NC-17 slash). Also a tiny Frodo/Faramir (PG-13) for Baranduin, Duty and Memory. And in The Faculty fandom there's Working, an epilogue to Watching and Waiting, Casey/Zeke NC-17 slash.

11/11/03: Today we have a Due South story, 12 South Fulton. G-rated preslash. Fraser investigates a crime and Ray's past. See, I knew I could write in other fandoms! And I'm slipping in a short LotR fic in my Claimed universe: The Writer of Rohan.

11/9/03: A couple of stories, unbetaed warning on both. The first is Watching and Waiting, a Highlander/The Faculty crossover. Does anyone else actually know both fandoms? The second is another story in the Beyond universe, Crickhollow Year Eight. In case you're confused by the AU timeline, there are some explanatory notes on the story page.

10/14/03: Another short LotR story, Courtship (NC-17 F/A) set in the As Middle Earth Turns universe. It's a sign you've written too many AU's when even you can't briefly explain where this fits; see the notes on the story page please.

10/3/03: At Helm's Deep (NC-17 slash and het), a series of drabbles and one ficlet that came out of a challenge to write an AU with Frodo at the battle of Helm's Deep. So, assume the Fellowship avoided Moria and wound up in Rohan intact. Add in Saruman's army and dive right in to the smutfest.

9/16/03: New LotR stories: Claimed, (NC-17) Frodo/Eomer slash, and Combe Year Six continues in The Morning After (G). Someday I will get back to other fandoms, I promise. Probably after December 17.

9/7/03: Some updates to my LotR page. New stories in the "Beyond" universe: Winter (G), set in the original story, tells of Doc and Frodo's getting-to-know-you days. Combe Year Six continues in The Night with Estel (NC-17), and Combe Year Eight (G) has Frodo bidding Doc farewell. And if you need some silliness after that, try the Frodo/Eomer story Hobbit Feet (NC-17), or the Elf-Sense (G) drabble.

8/20/03: A LotR story, The Twentieth Day. Frodo/Faramir AU story.

8/4/03: Another Combe story, Year Six. LotR in the "Beyond" universe.

7/15/03: A LotR story, As Middle Earth Turns. Yep, it's a soap. A mpreg soap at that. Proceed with caution.

6/29/03: More short Combe stories -- LotR in the "Beyond" AU: Year Four and Year Five.

6/24/03: Two short stories, LotR in the "Beyond" universe. Combe stories: Year Two and Year Three.

6/11/03: A 100-word drabble in each of my fandoms, all inspired by the song "Autumn Leaves," can be found here.

5/30/03: Short LOTR ficlet, For Love.

5/5/03: The final stories in the Ohio universe (The Faculty). Ohio Autumn and Ohio Spring.

4/24/03: A tiny LOTR story, Ithilien, and some self-indulgence on the LOTR page.

4/2/03: A Due South story from the TwoAxes lyric wheel, Going with the Tide. PG-13 slash.

3/14/03: A new Faculty story, Ohio Summer. NC-17 and please note the warnings on the story page.

Also, some minor changes to the Links/Recs page.

3/5/03: More G-rated LotR. I can't seem to write hobbit sex, which may, after all, be a good thing. Beyond, an AU story. Otho Sackville-Baggins comes to Bag End with some news for Frodo.

Also, I'm posting an old-new Highlander story, Involved. This was the first HL I ever began, many years ago. It was put aside repeatedly, until recently I spent time on it in a writer's workshop. I'm still not totally happy with it, but I'm giving up and calling it complete at last.

Finally, an update on the Links/Recs page, LotR general stories.

3/2/03: G-rated slash? Well, that's what I'm calling this one. In Dreams, a LotR drabble in three parts.

2/19/03: A short G-rated LotR story, The Daring Demons. A tale of Sam's childhood.

2/14/03: Two Due South stories for you tonight. Land That Man! is a humorous Fraser-Vecchio courtship story. Three Months is another homage to 1940's movies, covering three change-filled months while the boys work on a case. Enjoy, and as always please heed the warnings on the story page.

1/15/03: Another tiny LOTR story, Soft. G-rated. The trip from Bree to Rivendell is a learning experience for everyone.

1/9/03: One short story from The Faculty, Ohio Winter. Mostly character speculation; Casey intrigues Zeke.

Still chugging on the LOTR story, the HL story, the two DS stories...

1/3/03: Two stories in the LOTR fandom, both angsty. Men of Gondor comes from watching The Two Towers four times now and thinking dark thoughts. Unredeemed is from reading too much PR for said movie. There is another story in progress, going a little slowly. Still no hot hobbit sex scenes anywhere, dammit.

Also some new recommendations and a story from The Faculty, Nice Guy, on the new Faculty page.

10/31/02: Tricks that hopefully will be treats for you: three new LOTR stories, all quite short. Visit the new page (here) to see them.

10/13/02: A Crooked Line, a new Highlander short story, is PG-rated slash. Part of the Origins Lyric Wheel, it doesn't answer that age-old question, where did Methos get that thong?

I've finished a new DS story entitled Land That Man!, but it's been submitted for a zine. If it gets turned down, you'll see it soon.

8/15/02: Some Recs. Sent a story back to beta again. Has it really been months since I've finished anything? Sigh. And the summer started so promisingly.

8/11/02: I'm writing, I swear I am, but I have nothing ready to post. Again, there are some recommendations on the Links/Recs page. (Okay, I'm reading more than I'm writing. But I am writing!)

7/7/02: Despite having some stories out with betas and lots of time on my hands, there are no fiction updates this time. But I have added some new recommendations on the Links/Recs page.

6/7/02: The Way Home, a Due South short story from the TwoAxes "June is Bustin' Out" challenge (in which the stories all must feature a jailbreak). There's an epilogue to the story which turns it into a Quantum Leap crossover here.

5/14/02: A short Due South piece, Laying the Past is an epilogue to the Dealings alternate universe.

5/9/02: Highlander stories this time, two shortish stories that both are Methos-centric. Influenced by the themes I was already working on, the first is a G-rated Lyric Wheel challenge story, for "The Wheel Where You Live." That means it had to be set in my home town of Chicago: Half Empty.

The second story, Voice, was actually written first. This began as a continuation of my recent O. Henry predilection -- writing stories with a twist at the end. But it changed & mutated, so now it's just odd. Please note the warnings on this one, it's a dark AU.

4/11/02: Given and Taken, a short Due South/Forever Knight crossover that seems to have been placed in my brain, full-blown.

Also Street Scenes, a collection of short stories in the Due South universe.

3/2/02: For Benny's Sake, a Due South story that was supposed to be comedic, got out of hand on the serious side, and is now posted even though I can't figure out how to fix it.

2/8/02: By Candlelight, a Highlander snippet.

2/14/02: Wrestling with Demons, a Due South TwoAxes Valentine's Challenge story


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