This series was inspired by Highlander, of course, but also by the old movies which I've always loved. The title is taken from "Now, Voyager" because that movie, too, is about a love affair which starts on board a ship. And because of the Walt Whitman quote used for the film:

The untold want, by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, Voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.

This series is an alternate universe look at the aired episodes. This means I let my imagination run wild, free of the constraints the producers faced such as time, budget, and cast availability. In other words, I'm having fun with the show, particularly the episodes involving Methos.

Please note that this series postulates a m/m romantic relationship between Duncan MacLeod and Methos. It includes, in some stories, male/male sex. This is slash fanfiction. If that offends you, please check the Links page for links to sites with lots of other fanfiction of a general nature.


Voyagers 74K (Adult; slash) What started as a simple romance turned into an A/U saga. This story describes the first meeting between Duncan MacLeod and Methos on the QE 2 (obviously, not what we saw in the aired episodes), and their subsequent re-acquaintance in Paris.

Voyagers 2: Finale 136K (PG) The star-crossed love story of Mac & Methos continues through the events in the aired episode "Finale" with Amanda added to fight evil and help complicate matters. Yes, even with a PG rating this involves slash situations.

Voyagers 3: Lovers' Sighs 129K (Adult; slash) Richie Ryan becomes involved with Kristin and Methos comes to the rescue. While in Seacouver, he meets a waitress at Joe's.

Voyagers 4: Still to Bleed 104K (Adult; slash) Duncan MacLeod takes a Dark Quickening, and all his friends search for a cure. Please note this story contains violence and non-consensual sex, NC-17 please.

Voyagers 5: Sand Against the Wind 92K (Adult; slash) Renegade Watchers; Richie and Amanda pulling a burglary; and Mac and Methos finally get back together. Will it last?

Voyagers 6: Clouds & Eclipses 92K (Adult; slash) Mac's friends the Valicourts meet Adam Pierson, but the fun starts after what was aired is over.

Voyagers 7: Midnight 104K (Adult; slash) Dawson is in trouble with the Watchers, and Methos learns that not all friends of Mac's are like Gina and Robert.

Voyagers 8: Above Mortality 163K (Adult; slash) Back in Seacouver where Richie has met up with a Messenger of Peace and Methos stops by Joe's bar. Warning: this story contains the death of a canon character.

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