I bought the LotR Weapons and Warfare book by Chris Simth, and the section on Rohan was very interesting. The way I'm reading it, Rohan has no written language. Even the nobility rely on tapestries and spoken or sung tales to keep the memory of the past kings alive. And that thought led to this silly short story.

The Writer of Rohan
by Laura Mason

Large hands, always gentle, playfully moved to capture him. Frodo squirmed out of reach atop the soft linens and furs.

"No-no-no! You must spell the word correctly before you get a kiss. You didn't even try to spell "stable" yet."

"And if I write it correctly?" Eomer growled, lying back and rubbing his torso seductively, spreading his legs to display the hardening cock between them.

Frodo pushed the portable writing desk with its sheaf of papers toward the half-naked King with a smile. "Then you may remove another article of my clothing, Sir Scholar."

Eomer grasped the quill and with a frown of deep concentration began to print on the top sheet. Frodo moved so he could watch over the man's shoulder, grasping the tanned arm that wasn't busy with writing. Frodo's hand caressed the soft skin and hard muscles, and his heart filled with an odd combination of lust and pride.

"There!" He'd done it, and Eomer turned to claim his prize. Frodo's trousers went sailing off the bed a moment later, and the man whispered a series of letters in his ear before claiming his mouth in an incendiary kiss.

When he'd first proposed codifying a written language for Rohan, Frodo had no idea he'd enjoy teaching it to Eomer so much.

His wise warrior would be the first scholar-king, adept in battle, yet remembered for creating a way to preserve the culture of his people for the ages.

But Frodo did wonder, as his body was set aflame and a welcoming motion of his legs sent the writing desk sliding to the floor, where on earth he'd find enough teachers to motivate the rest of the kingdom.



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