Miscellaneous Fandoms
(I have no place to put these!)


Maundy Thursday 29K (NC-17 slash and het sex) A fanfic about the movie Ash Wednesday, pondering the reasons behind some of Sean's actions.

Inconvenient Truths 20K (G rated; het) A missing scene from the book version of Gone with the Wind.



Watching and Waiting 16K (G) A Highlander/The Faculty crossover. Working, 10K (NC-17) acts as an epilogue to the first story. But this universe keeps expanding, so now we have Reunion, 31K (PG-13). More to come.

Watcher 19K (G) A Highlander/Star Trek Voyager crossover, very brief, set in ZorroRojo's "Just A Guy" universe. If you haven't read this wonderful series, please go to SlashCity right now!

Secrets: 27K (PG) A Due South/Highlander crossover. Please note there is violence in police and immortal lives.

Given and Taken 9K (PG) A Due South/Forever Knight crossover. The rating -- well, there's death, male-male sex (tho not graphic), despair... Maybe it should be an R.

The Way Home 43K (G slash) A Due South/Quantum Leap crossover of sorts... well, it's a DS story with a QL epilogue. Anyway, this link leads to the version with the epilogue.


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